Audits and Assessments

1850 auditors ensure competent and practice oriented services you and your customers can count on.

International Presence

Regional customer intimacy or globally coordinated assessment concepts: we understand your language.

Customers and Certificates

The proof of a valid certification: Find more than 45,000 certified sites and certificates from 100 countries.

Assessments create confidence

Management systems are a tool that top management applies to achieve results in a complex environment. They provide the very basics to establish, maintain and continuously improve the organization´s performance.

Furthermore: by supplying evidence of an effective management system, organizations earn their stakeholder´s trust.

An audit and subsequent certification by DQS provides such evidence. An organization can thus demonstrate in-house and to third parties that a management system has been implemented, based on a recognized standard, and assessed by an independent third party.

Additionally, audits by DQS are more than just a formal inspection of conformance to standards. Rather, they focus on providing independent and competent feedback, as well as identifying risks and improvement potential. Employees are involved and motivated, thus promoting commitment and confidence.

Michael Drechsel
Managing Director